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Will freeze these for the kids breakfasts in the morning! Cheap and easy 🧇 edited to add that I just follow the directions on the bag. It calls for 1/2 cup of milk. I found this flavor at Food Lion, I was happy to find it!
Waffle maker was from Walmart for $8, Nostalgia brand

Freezer-Friendly Waffles for Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfasts


  • 2 cups waffle mix (like the one you found at Food Lion)
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Cooking spray
  • Optional: chocolate chips, blueberries, or sliced bananas for extra flavor


  1. Prepare the Waffle Batter: In a mixing bowl, combine the waffle mix with 1/2 cup of milk. Mix well until you have a smooth batter. If you want to add some extra flavor, fold in a handful of chocolate chips, blueberries, or sliced bananas.
  2. Preheat the Waffle Maker: Plug in your Nostalgia waffle maker and let it heat up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually takes a few minutes.
  3. Spray the Waffle Maker: Lightly coat the waffle maker with cooking spray. This prevents the waffles from sticking and ensures they come out crispy.
  4. Cook the Waffles: Pour enough batter onto the waffle maker to cover the waffle grid. Close the lid and cook until the waffles are golden brown and crispy. Cooking time may vary, but it typically takes 3-5 minutes. Follow the instructions on your waffle maker for the best results.
  5. Cool and Freeze: Once the waffles are cooked, transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely. Lay the cooled waffles in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze them for about an hour. This prevents them from sticking together during storage.
  6. Pack for Freezing: After the initial freeze, transfer the waffles into a freezer-safe bag or airtight container, placing parchment paper between each waffle to prevent sticking. Label the bag with the date so you can keep track of freshness.
  7. Reheating Instructions: To reheat the frozen waffles, simply pop them in a toaster or toaster oven until they are heated through and crispy again. Alternatively, you can reheat them in a microwave for a softer texture.

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