Mexican lasagna.
It was so close to what my mom made growing up but was missing somthing but everyone loved it my 4 year old got seconds.
1lb ground beef
1 big can refried beans
1 box of Mexican rice
1 bag of shredded taco cheese
And half a jar of cheese dip.
18 small corn tortillas.
Half a can of enchiladas sauce
Small can of green chillis
Cook your Ground your beef add taco seasoning and green chills to same pan,
cook your rice like box says
heat up refried beans so it’s easier to spread
Spray pan with no stick spray put 6 tortillas rice and sprinkle with cheese. And repeat with other stuff. Tell no more.
Top with cheese sauce and enchiladas sauce and sprinkle with cheese if you have any left. Put in oven for 25 mins at 350. Top with sour cream and enjoy. I have enough left over for at least 4 more meals. I belive I spent 15$ total for all ingredients (their are cheaper brands then what I bought)

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