Country fried steak

Country fried steak – $13 for a pack of 10 at Sam’s club but I know Walmart sells them at 5 a pack for probably $6.
RECIPE BY Hayley Magers
Gravy is included
Green beans – .68 cents a can
Sister Schubert dinner rolls – $4
Mashed potatoes – (not sure how much I spent on potatoes but you can get instant for $2)
Homemade noodles (maybe like $2?) recipe:
2 eggs
A dash of milk
Salt & pepper
(I also put rosemary and garlic salt in it)
Gradually add flour until it forms a ball and isn’t sticky anymore
Lay down some parchment paper to prevent the counters from getting dirty and sprinkle some flour on it transfer the dough to the paper sprinkle flour on top and on your roller. Roll them out thin. While drying pour a Carton of chicken broth and one bouyon cube into a pot and let it get to boiling. Cut the dough into strips and place in the boiling broth. Lower the heat and cook for about 8 minutes.

For a family of 5 I just spent $15-$20 and the steaks are pretty big

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