Great desert for thanksgiving!
-2 tubs extra creamy cool whip
-package of oreos
-oreo cookie crust
take 1 full tub of cool whip and about 18 finely crushed oreos (take cream out of the middle of cookies) hand mix both together. then pour mix into the oreo crust, top off with cool whip. crush a couple more cookies and sprinkle on top and spread a couple cookies throughout it.
refrigerate overnight and by morning it’s amazing!

Recipe Title: Heavenly Oreo Thanksgiving Dessert


  • 2 tubs extra creamy Cool Whip
  • 1 package of Oreos
  • 1 Oreo cookie crust


  1. Prepare the Oreo Filling:
    • Take 1 full tub of Cool Whip and transfer it to a mixing bowl.
    • Finely crush about 18 Oreos, making sure to remove the cream filling from the middle of the cookies. Add the crushed Oreos to the Cool Whip.
    • Gently hand mix the Cool Whip and crushed Oreos until well combined. This will create a delicious creamy Oreo filling.
  2. Assemble the Dessert:
    • Take the Oreo cookie crust and evenly spread the prepared Oreo filling into the crust, ensuring a smooth and even layer.
  3. Top with Cool Whip:
    • Take the second tub of extra creamy Cool Whip and generously spread it over the Oreo filling, creating a fluffy and delightful topping for your dessert.
  4. Garnish with Crushed Oreos:
    • Crush a couple more Oreos and sprinkle the crumbs on top of the Cool Whip layer. This adds a delightful crunch and extra Oreo flavor to the dessert.
  5. Final Touch:
    • For an extra visual appeal and burst of flavor, strategically place a few whole Oreo cookies throughout the top of the dessert, pressing them slightly into the Cool Whip layer.
  6. Refrigerate Overnight:
    • Cover the dessert with plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight. Allowing the dessert to chill overnight will enhance the flavors and textures, creating a truly indulgent treat.
  7. Serve and Enjoy:
    • The next day, your Heavenly Oreo Thanksgiving Dessert is ready to be served. Slice and enjoy the creamy, crunchy, and heavenly flavors of this delightful dessert with your loved ones.

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