homemade beef cup of noodle

homemade beef cup of noodle


Beef broth
Beef onion soup mix
Pack of stew meat (chop it up tiny)
Medium egg noodles
Bag of frozen mixed veggies (i actually used separate cans but that’s because i already had it)
Green onions


1.I chopped and cooked the stew meat thoroughly.
Season it with salt and pepper and once done, add a splash of 2.water and beef and onion soup mix. It almost made a gravy.
3.Boil the beef broth and add veggies. We like lots of veggies. I added water to cut the beef broth.

4.Add a packet of beef and onion soup mix.

5Add the meat and “gravy” to the broth and veggies.
Once it has simmered for an hour or so and the veggies were soft, I added the noodles and cooked until done.
That’s it!

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