👉 mashedpotatoes


Dinner was cheap and delicious.
-Homemade mashed potatoes
5 Ibs russet potatoes, peeled,sliced, and boiled in heavily salted water until tender. When its cooked,add 1 can of evaporated milk,and half a stick of butter,mash together with the potatoes)
in a sauce pan take 2 cups of water, knorrs beef bouillon cubes,I used 4. Plus 2 chicken bouillon cubes. Stir to combine. In a pan melt 3 tablespoons butter and add 4 tablespoon of flour (add more butter or olive oil if needed) whisk in beef liquid and whisk for 5 minutes until gravy is thickened.
Season chicken with creole seasoning, pepper, salt, onion powder, garlic powder. In 3 separate bowls Season 2 cups flour with the same seasonings. Mix 4 eggs,and use 3 cups of italian bread crumbs. You can also use ground up ritz crackers. Dredge chicken in flour-egg-breadcrumbs and fry until done.
-Green beans
Season with creole seasoning, pepper,garlic and onion powder, add 2 tablespoon butter,heat until your liking.
Follow box directions.


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