burger Crunchwrap


Super fun burger Crunchwrap idea!
We didn’t have buns but we had wraps, we had leftover bacon from the morning and we always have burger patties made up in the freezer because we are a burger couple. The whole thing cost less than $5 per burger and is so much better tasting than any fast food which is no longer cheap in my opinion. So here is how we made the burger crunch wraps!
1. cook your burgers either on the stove or grill. These were on the stove because we had an ice storm that night.
2. Lay down a large tortilla and put whatever sauces you want. (Add a little more than you would on a bun but keep in mind it could still get sloppy!) Ketchup, mustard, mayo, thousand island dressing, etc.
3. Put the patty on top of the sauce and put your toppings on. We put the bacon on for crunch but you could also use flat tortilla chips.
4.Put a smaller tortilla on top of the burger and fold the larger tortilla over the smaller one to make the 5-6 edges (doesn’t have to be perfect!)
5. Melt some butter in a frying pan..about a teaspoon..and put your burger on folded side down first for a minute or two until golden.
6. Cook the other side the same way until golden.
7. Cut it in half or eat it as is! Serve with chips, a pickle, some French fries or just eat it alone! ENJOY!

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