My mom used to buy us frozen microwavable beef and bean burritos when my siblings and I were younger. Today I took the same concept and made them myself. I did the math and I was able to make 9 burritos for $1.48 a piece.
1 lb lean ground beef – $5.67
1 30 oz can of refried beans – $2.64
10 count package of flour tortillas – $2.78
1 package of cheddar cheese – $2.22
First I seasoned and browned my ground beef in a pan, then drained the grease. Then I added the can of refried beans to the pan, mixed them thoroughly, and then let it get hot. I microwaved my tortillas to help soften them and then added some filling to each tortilla and folded them into small burritos. For the ones I was going to have for dinner tonight, I grilled them in a pan with a small spritz of olive oil and added cheese on top after flipping. The other seven burritos will be put in the freezer to microwave or grill for easy lunches. Nothing fancy, but they taste like an elevated version of a childhood favorite

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