👉Easy Mini Pizzas


Easy Mini Pizzas in the Air Fryer


  • 1 can of biscuits (8 count)
  • 1/2 cup marinara sauce
  • 1/2 cup cooked ground beef
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Optional toppings: sliced pepperoni, diced bell peppers, sliced olives, etc.


  1. Prepare the Air Fryer: Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for about 3-5 minutes.
  2. Prep the Biscuits: Open the can of biscuits and separate them. Flatten each biscuit slightly to form a mini pizza crust.
  3. Top the Mini Pizzas: Spoon a tablespoon of marinara sauce onto each biscuit crust, spreading it out evenly. Then, sprinkle a layer of cooked ground beef over the sauce, followed by a generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese. Add any additional toppings you desire.
  4. Air Fry the Mini Pizzas: Place the topped mini pizzas in the air fryer basket, ensuring they are not overcrowded. You may need to cook them in batches depending on the size of your air fryer. Cook for 8 minutes at 400°F (200°C), or until the cheese is melted and bubbly, and the edges of the biscuits are golden brown.
  5. Serve and Enjoy: Once cooked, carefully remove the mini pizzas from the air fryer basket using tongs or a spatula. Allow them to cool for a minute or two before serving. Enjoy these delicious and easy-to-make mini pizzas as a snack, appetizer, or meal!

Feel free to adjust the toppings and quantities according to your preferences. Enjoy your homemade mini pizzas!

Here are some tips to make your Easy Mini Pizzas in the Air Fryer even better:

  1. Prep the Ingredients in Advance: If you’re short on time, consider preparing the ground beef and any other toppings ahead of time. This way, when it’s time to assemble the mini pizzas, everything will be ready to go.
  2. Customize Your Toppings: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your toppings! Experiment with different combinations like pepperoni and mushroom, sausage and onion, or even pineapple and ham. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Use Parchment Paper or Air Fryer Liners: To prevent the mini pizzas from sticking to the air fryer basket, consider using parchment paper or air fryer liners. This will make cleanup a breeze and ensure that your pizzas come out perfectly cooked every time.
  4. Don’t Overcrowd the Air Fryer Basket: Make sure to leave some space between each mini pizza in the air fryer basket to allow for proper air circulation. This will help ensure that the pizzas cook evenly and develop a crispy crust.
  5. Check for Doneness: Keep an eye on the mini pizzas towards the end of the cooking time to avoid overcooking. You want the cheese to be melted and bubbly, and the edges of the biscuits to be golden brown. If needed, adjust the cooking time accordingly.
  6. Serve with Dipping Sauces: Consider serving your mini pizzas with a side of marinara sauce, ranch dressing, or garlic butter for dipping. This adds an extra layer of flavor and makes the pizzas even more delicious!
  7. Get the Kids Involved: Making mini pizzas can be a fun activity for the whole family! Get the kids involved in assembling their own pizzas with their favorite toppings. It’s a great way to encourage creativity in the kitchen and get everyone excited about mealtime.

With these tips in mind, your Easy Mini Pizzas in the Air Fryer are sure to be a hit! Enjoy your homemade creations.

FAQs about Easy Mini Pizzas in the Air Fryer

Q: Can I use any type of biscuits for this recipe? A: Yes, you can use any type of refrigerated biscuit dough that you prefer. Just make sure they are the type that can be baked in the oven or air fryer.

Q: Do I need to pre-cook the ground beef before adding it to the mini pizzas? A: Yes, the ground beef should be cooked before topping the mini pizzas. You can cook it ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.

Q: Can I add my own toppings to the mini pizzas? A: Absolutely! Feel free to customize the mini pizzas with your favorite toppings such as pepperoni, diced bell peppers, sliced olives, mushrooms, onions, etc.

Q: How do I know when the mini pizzas are done cooking in the air fryer? A: The mini pizzas are done when the cheese is melted and bubbly, and the edges of the biscuits are golden brown. Cooking time may vary slightly depending on your air fryer model, so keep an eye on them towards the end of the cooking time.

Q: Can I store leftover mini pizzas? A: Yes, you can store any leftover mini pizzas in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. To reheat, simply place them back in the air fryer for a few minutes until heated through.

Q: Can I make these mini pizzas ahead of time for a party? A: Yes, you can assemble the mini pizzas ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook them in the air fryer. Just make sure not to stack them on top of each other to prevent them from sticking together

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