Cheap and easy breakfast sandwiches

Cheap and easy breakfast sandwiches!
3 – 8ct Great Value butter biscuits
1 roll Blue & Gold Sausage (it’s an Oklahoma thing… any brand will do!)
Wax paper
Gallon ziplock bags
Cook biscuits and sausage to your preference. Wrap sausage biscuits in wax paper. Then place in a ziplock bag. Since I cook up a lot, I put mine in the freezer.
To reheat: leave in wax paper and microwave for 30-45 seconds. Enjoy!
PS: you can add egg and cheese to these too, but my daughter doesn’t like either on hers, so plain it is for this round!
PSS: you can even use English muffins. Add cheese, egg, and Canadian bacon/ham for a twist!

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