Box of tricolored pasta

You guys know how in every family, there is always one person that is a good cook,  and you assume they are a chef in a restaurant, LOL, well it’s my aunt, this easy budget recipe was created originally by her, she was serving it whenever we visited her, i asked for the recipe details and here i’am, it’s called  Box of tricolored pasta. easy and simple, Low card and you will definitely include it in your diet plan,  what i love about it it’s it’s so simple and it takes 5mint to make. this pasta salad  never missed a single invite to any gathering. 


1 Red pepper
1red onion
1 pt tomato
1package of pepperoni
1 Package if salami
Zesty Italian dressing
Salt to taste

2 bags of cubed cheese
I’ve seen these made with olives and other veggies. Be creative and measure with your heart, another option is Italian pasta salad. Replace cubed cheese with fresh mozzarella balls and make your own Italian dressing, it’s much better.

Here are a few substitutions you can make to this pasta salad recipe:

Pasta-rotini, bow tie, gemelli, penne or gluten free Vegetables-peppers, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots

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