Aluminum foil packets


Aluminum foil packets.
I got the following
$3-4 pack of small red potatoes
Sausage link ($3-4 estimate)
Shrimp ($10)
Frozen bag of broccoli ($3-4)
A onion ($0.79)
(Forgot corn on the cob. I usually break it in 3 parts)
I seasoned everything in a bowl and mixed then transferred to the aluminum foil. (Season to your liking) An Italian/garlic wet seasoning, crushed red pepper, pepper, garlic seasoning, and some Ms.Dash seasoning.
The frozen broccoli helped make a juice.
I added butter, and chicken base paste because I forgot the chicken broth. Ended up tasting better.
Edit- Temp 375. About 45 mins. I did it a little longer.

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