Noodles & hamburger

Noodles & hamburger
1lb hamburger
1 pack egg Noodles(I used Amish Noodles)
1 stick of butter
Parmesan cheese
Onion, Diced
Garlic powder, salt & pepper
1 cup-1.5 cups Milk..maybe more maybe less…
Brown hamburger and onion seasoned with salt/pepper and garlic powder.
Boil noodles as directed by directions with a little salt. Drain.
Put noodles back on stove and add butter Stirring constantly. Add parmesan cheese and mix till butter is incorporated with cheese. Then slowly add milk and stir constantly till its a creamy parmesan sauce. Add hamburger. Top with parmesan cheese and enjoy
Note: I got the Amish noodles at Walmart

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