McDbacon egg


For brunch today I made diy McDonald’s bacon egg and cheese “Mcgriddles”. It was much simpler than I thought it would be, cheaper than buying the usual ones and fairly good, not the same exact flavors and textures, but close enough 😆
I made these with part of mason jar lids (just the rings that screw on) to form the circular shape of the eggs and pancakes. All you need to make these is pancake mix filling the lid not quite half full (made how you like/how the box suggests), syrup (drizzle a little in the pancake mix as it’s cooking then cover with a little more pancake mix so the syrup doesn’t solidify while cooking) cheese of your choosing (I just did craft American cheese singles), breakfast meat of your choosing (we did bacon because we are out of sausage patties), and last but not least, eggs (I used three total and made six sandwiches all together, you only need like half a lid full of the egg and pancake mix as they rise some and will over flow if too much is added to the lids).
I cooked it all on a flat pan on low and greased the lids with butter with my cooking brush each time I added pancake batter/eggs.

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