My kids love those variety bags of chips, but they can be pretty expensive. $8 for only 18 small bags. So since it’s summer, I found a way to save a little money. I bought assorted bags of great value brand chips, spent about 7 bucks on them, plus 2 more bucks for these square snack bags which ended up being almost the same size as the variety chips bags. I got 42 bags total for $9! Way better than spending 8 dollars for 18 small bags

Homemade Assorted Chip Snack Packs


  • Assorted Great Value brand chips (potato chips, tortilla chips, and any other favorites)
  • Square snack bags
  • Optional: Seasoning or spice blends for flavor customization


  1. Gather Your Ingredients:
    • Purchase assorted Great Value brand chips in various flavors. You can choose a mix of potato chips, tortilla chips, and other favorites to create a variety.
  2. Select Square Snack Bags:
    • Purchase square snack bags that are almost the same size as the variety chip bags you typically buy. These bags will be used to create your homemade snack packs.
  3. Prepare the Chips:
    • Open the assorted bags of chips and arrange them on a clean surface. If desired, you can mix and match different chip varieties to create unique combinations.
  4. Fill the Square Snack Bags:
    • Take one of the square snack bags and carefully fill it with a combination of the assorted chips. Make sure to include a variety in each bag to replicate the diversity found in the expensive variety bags.
  5. Customize Flavors (Optional):
    • If you want to add a personal touch, consider sprinkling a bit of your favorite seasoning or spice blend into each snack bag. This can enhance the flavor and make your homemade snack packs even more enjoyable.
  6. Seal the Bags:
    • Once the square snack bags are filled, seal them securely. You can use twist ties or adhesive seals to ensure the chips stay fresh.
  7. Store and Enjoy:
    • Place the homemade assorted chip snack packs in a cool, dry place. These packs are perfect for on-the-go snacks, lunchboxes, or picnics.
  8. Calculate Savings:
    • Reflect on the fact that you got 42 homemade snack packs for only $9, which is a significant saving compared to spending $8 on 18 small bags of the variety chips.
  9. Share the Good News:
    • Spread the word about your cost-effective and delicious homemade snack packs. Share your money-saving tip with friends and family, and maybe even inspire them to try making their own.

By following these steps, you’ve not only created a budget-friendly alternative to expensive variety chip bags but also customized the flavors to suit your and your kids’ preferences. Enjoy your homemade assorted chip snack packs!

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