Chicken casserole 2023

2 cans of cream chicken (Walmart’s great value is .68 c a can)
2 boxes of cream cheese (great value Walmart brand 3.18)
A pack of chicken, whatever is cheapest at your store or on sale at the time, I got chicken tender meats on sale an cooked them in crockpot overnight an they were ready to shred with a mixer to go in your (mix)
Cheddar cheese (great value at 3.98, and I only used half a pack of 16 oz)
And 2 packs of Ritz crackers 2.98 you get a 4 pack only needed 2
Butter & salt/pepper to your taste.
Lay your cream cheese out to soften
Cook your chicken breast ( I do it overnight in the crockpot)
Shred chicken